Member Services

In addition to valuable networking opportunities and information sharing gained through participation in WCMA, members also benefit from:

    • Conferences
      WCMA holds two conferences annually, the Northwest Regional Spring Conference with Oregon and Alaska state associations, and the Washington state conference in the summer.
    • Continuing Education
      ICMA University management practices are correlated with the presentations at each WCMA Conference to provide managers with a regular opportunity to receive professional level training on current issues and meet the continuing education requirements of the ICMA Voluntary Credentialing program.
    • Newsletter 
      WCMA members receive the state association newsletter several times a year. The newsletter contains information from member cities and updates on state and local issues and innovations.
    • Senior Advisor Program
      Experienced Washington managers offer professional advice and personal support for members and managers in transition.
    • Regional Meetings
      WCMA has divided the state into 14 regions and assigned a member from each region to keep in regular contact with other members. Members are encouraged to meet periodically with peers in their region, whether formally or informally, to provide managers an opportunity to discuss local issues and concerns.
    • Service Awards Program
      Each year WCMA recognizes city managers and administrators at the summer conference for distinguished public service and tenure in the organization.
    • Scholarships
      Scholarships are available to members who are unable to attend the ICMA annual conference or the WCMA conferences due to financial constraints.